Yup, I'm giving you homework! Whatever adults are involved in these photos please, read this next part. This can change your experience and the types of photos I am able to capture for you.

I need all you adults out there to truly be in the moment with your kiddos and or partner. SMILE A LOT!!!! LAUGH! Think of a few good jokes you can tell each-other at our session. If it's something you are uncomfortable telling in front of me don't worry, I'll have you whisper it into your partners ear so I can't hear. OR maybe your family has a favorite song?! SING IT! Favorite Book? BRING IT! Favorite activity or board-game?! PLAY IT! If your Child is young and has a favorite instrumental toy, let's humor them with it.

Think of this as family playtime! If we are playing with bubbles or reading a story, please just be engaged in the bubbles and the story. You can listen for direction from me as we go, but your child will be happier if you are paying attention to them and playing with them.

I incorporate a lot of lifestyle into my sessions and we create play scenarios. However when I want to pose you or have you look at me, I will direct you. I capture the best photos when my clients are actually getting into the joy of spending time with each other. So please do not think of this as a photoshoot. Think of this as family time with a little bit of direction based on lighting and occasional posing.

So I cannot stress this enough, do not worry about your child smiling at the camera, instead engage with them to create an environment of happiness, play and interaction. I will ask you or them to look at me when I need them to. I can't tell you how many photos I have of moms and dads fingers out and pointing at me while their kid has the biggest smile on his face! So, please, give me your best smile and I will do what I do to get your child to give me theirs.




  1. PREP THE FAMILY: As much wardrobe styling as you can do, if we don't have happy mindsets going into a session, the experience and the photos are not going to be exceptional. So get your family excited about the session!
  2. WHAT IS YOUR FAMILY LIKE?: Please let me know! Maybe dad likes giving your son piggy back rides, or your daughter likes to cuddle. This is a great time for any and all family activities. Not only do I want the photos to appear joyful, but I want the experience to be joyful as well. So ask yourself what would you do if you were taking your family to the park? Don't be afraid to bring along a favorite toy as a prop, maybe a favorite board game, even bread to feed the ducks. A lot of families promise their kids a special experience after, but what about during? Get them excited about exactly what will happen in our session and they too will be able to be in the moment! Maybe dad does a great donald duck impression that makes your kids crack up laughing!? If so tell me, I will know when to request the giggles to begin. 
  3. BE IN THE MOMENT: As your photographer I will let you know if someone isn't looking at the camera or if hair needs to be fixed.  But really, don't worry about what anyone else is doing, be in the moment with your family and enjoy what you are witnessing or what you are feeling personally (these expressions are the types I will be looking to capture).
  4. BRING SNACKS:. Bring a drink or a satisfying snack in case someone gets hungry. Avoid foods or sugary treats that stain or will make fingers sticky. Make sure everyone is hydrated and has eaten and that they have used the bathroom before our session begins.