On this page you can view information about my Style Guide, Parking, arrival times, and how to best prepare your family for our session!



Lets discuss WARDROBE! What I do to make your images look great is one aspect to capturing a great family photo, but another hugely important aspect is what you wear to your shoot!

I want my clients to look and feel their best. I want the overall look of the wardrobe they choose to flow from person to person. I have clients use my STYLE GUIDE to help them create amazing outfits for their family photoshoot. 

Please use this for simple tips and tricks on how to dress your family from head to toe.




Yup, I'm giving you homework! Whatever adults are involved in these photos please, read this next part. This can change your experience and the types of photos I am able to capture for you.

I need all you adults out there to truly be in the moment with your kiddos and or partner. LAUGH! Think of a few good jokes you can tell each-other at our session. If it's something you are uncomfortable telling in front of me don't worry, I'll have you whisper it into your partners ear so I can't hear. OR maybe your family has a favorite song?! SING IT! Favorite Book? BRING IT! Favorite activity or board-game?! PLAY IT! If your Child is young and has a favorite instrumental toy, let's humor them with it.

Think of this as family playtime! If we are playing with bubbles or reading a story, please just be engaged in the bubbles and the story. You can listen for direction from me as we go, but your child will be happier if you are paying attention to them and playing with them.

I incorporate a lot of movement into my sessions and we create play based scenarios. However when I want to pose you or have you look at me, I will direct you. I capture the best photos when my clients are actually getting into the joy of spending time with each other. So please do not think of this as a photoshoot. Think of this as family time with a little bit of direction based on lighting and occasional posing.

So I cannot stress this enough, do not worry about your child smiling at the camera, instead engage with them to create an environment of happiness, play and interaction. I will ask you or them to look at me when I need them to. I can't tell you how many photos I have of moms and dads fingers out and pointing at me while their kid has the biggest smile on his face! So, please, give me your best smile and I will do what I do to get your child to give me theirs.





Please plan to be at our shooting location 10 -15 minutes before your shoot is set to begin. You can find my assistant for checkin, she will go over a few things with you and we will being shortly after. You can leave your things with my assistant during our shoot. Make sure everyone is hydrated and has eaten and that they have used the bathroom before our session begins.There will be no makeups or re-shoots for anyone who is late or misses their designated time slot. Arriving in a timely manner is your responsibility. 



Before we begin, please make sure keys and cell phones are out of pockets, kiddos faces and hands are cleaned and everyone's outfits are on properly and ready to go! Please remove sunglasses 30 minutes before our session is set to begin so you do not have marks on your face.



Bring a drink or a satisfying snack in case someone gets hungry. Avoid foods or sugary treats that stain or will make fingers sticky.




Once our session is completed I need about two weeks to turn around images.

Iā€™m doing things a bit different this year. Once your session is ready, you will be notified by e mail when your images are ready and will be given a link to your online gallery where you can download your 15 high resolution digital images. You can also print directly from this online gallery.

What's best is you can share your gallery direct with friends or grandparents who might want to order prints or digital files of their own.



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