Investing in professional images

also means investing in your styling choices

Find my tips and tricks below!



The best way to understand how to combine colors to achieve various looks and moods is to read up on Color Theory. Here's a quick breakdown:


Analogous Colors

  • Analogous colors are the combination of three colors that appear directly next to one another on the color wheel 
  • Most harmonious of color combinations
  • Vary shade, tint, tone, etc so that these colors combined are not overpowering
  • Within this color combination one color acts as the dominant hue while the others lend support

Complimentary Colors

  • Complimentary colors are the combination of two colors directly across from one another on the color wheel
  • This will create the most bold look with the highest contrast
  • Start with a primary color as the base for your outfit and wear it's compliment as your accessory choice

Monochromatic Colors

  • Monochromatic means sticking to one color combination
  • Hardest to pull off
  • Mix up your shades, tints, tones and saturation as well as design elements like the texture or structure of the fabric to successfully create this look

Split Complimentary Colors

  • Split Complimentary is achieved by taking a base color then pairing it with colors directly next to it’s adjacent color.
  • For example, a green-blue (teal) is  paired with red and red-orange to create a split complementary.
  • Similar effect of a complimentary color scheme, but usually more flattering and adds more dimension.

Triadic Colors

  • Triadic colors are the combination of 3 colors that are all equidistant from one another on the color wheel
  • This produces a very vibrant color combination
  • Start with one color as the base for your outfit and wear the other two as your accessory pieces.

Stick to 2 - 3 colors for your wardrobe. Incorporating more than 3 colors might be distracting and take away from who we want to photograph, you!



Is a color in it’s purest form.

Tint, Tone, and Shade

Are all derivatives of Hue. Tint = hue + white, tone = hue + grey, shade = hue+ black. These four elements are used to create the color your eyes see.

Warm Colors

Are all derived from shades of Red Orange and Yellow. Warm colors look best on warmer skin tones and gold jewelry.

Cool Colors

Are all derived from shades of Blues, greens, violets and pale pinks. Cool colors look wonderful on pale skin with pink  undertones and silver jewelry.


Layering when not overdone, adds depth, dimension and style to any wardrobe. Layer with jewelry, scarves, vests, and cardigans.



Don't be afraid to incorporate pattern into your wardrobe. However if you do remember these simple rules:

  • Geometric Shapes with straight edges and pointed lines convey a powerful and assertive feeling

  • Organic shapes or patters with curved edges convey a calming meditative feeling

  • If you do decide to incorporate a pattern into your wardrobe only incorporate one pattern. Example: stripes, florals, polka dots etc.



If you do not typically wear makeup I would still recommend you apply at least the below items to even out your skin tone. If you do not typically wear lipstick I would avoid it, unless you are doing multiple looks and you would like one look to be more bold.

If you are going to a makeup artist to get your makeup professionally done, then the best way to explain what style makeup you want is a "daytime look" or "wedding makeup". 

See some of my recommendations below:



You want your skin to look natural and healthy.


Skip the Spray Tan

I do not recommend airbrushing or spray tans before photoshoots! This can cause unevenness and might produce an orangish color effect in the camera.



If you would like a heavier coverage, use a foundation that is non reflective and meant for photography. Anyone at your local Macy's will be able to advise on this.


Tinted Moisturizer

Origins VitaZing SPF 15 Energy-Boosting Moisturizer with Mangosteen 1.7 oz

This moisturizer is a bit of an investment, but I would recommend this product to anyone and a little goes a long way. Just one droplet size, per application plus it has built in SPF (15) and is tinted to even out your skin tone and reduce blotchiness. So you will be saving your skin from harsh UV rays throughout the day and looking radiant and glowing. What's best is if you don't like makeup this is the best product I have ever used! It does not appear as though you have makeup on once applied and is lightweight and breathable.

Tip #1: If you need to test out a moisturizer in a store you can usually do this for free with one of the tester bottles. Simply apply the foundation on the back of your hand in a circular motion. Utilize various parts of your hand and see which matches your skin tone the best.

Tip #2: Don't forget your neck! Oftentimes people might forget to apply makeup below their jawline. Graulending makeup down to your neck will help blend color into your skin.



To appear more awake and lively go for a look that gives your eyes a subtle pop!



Maybelline Great Lash Royal Blue Washable Mascara, 0.43 fl. oz.

A little mascara goes a long way and will help your eyes pop and make you look more awake for your photos! For the price this is a great find. I would go with the non waterproof version so you can easily remove if you make a mistake when applying.


Neutral Eye Shadow Palettes

I would stick to neutral beige colors or peaches depending on your skin tone. Below are suggestions if you would like to add a bit of dimension to your eyes.

Urban Decay Naked Basics 

Maybelline The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette



You want to make sure you wear your hair in a style that is more of an everyday look. If you always wear your hair curly, I would avoid straightening it for our shoot. You want your clients to recognize that person in the photograph!


Hair Mousse

Suave Professionals Mousse, Captivating Curls, Whipped Cream Mousse, 7 oz

I have curly hair and this is one of the best mousse products I have ever used! The price is unbeatable and it will not leave your hair stiff or sticky, but it will tame your fly aways and define your curls. Great buy!

I'm so excited to work with you!