Maternity Session with the Gold Family

Let's talk maternity. It's one of the most transformative, shocking, and miraculous periods of a woman's life. She is holding space for someone who will one day be her best friend, he biggest teacher, and the love of her life (besides you dad). 

Kelly and Adam are expecting their first baby, a girl, Penelope Rose Gold in early November.

Kelly is an amazing friend of mine, we met in college and have been close ever since, which is one reason why I loved this session so much. But as you will soon see - they are both a very good looking couple and their love for one another was so apparent on this day that all of the emotion and love you want to capture in a session came through effortlessly.

So here is their story. 

Kelly, Adam, their dog Belvedere and their unborn baby Penelope, here is this moment in their life.  Full of so much excitement and wonder, love and transformation...

Let's begin, on a vineyard just a quick drive from their Northern California home. I hope you enjoy.

As the light shifted so did we. And we found my favorite time of day, full of hazy soft golden light...

Their story goes on with cozy blankets and Mommy + Daddy coffee mugs...

So now we hop in the car and Kelly does the awkward outfit change in the confined space available to her as we move on to our next location. We arrive just as the sun is setting behind the mountains in the distance, Adam finds his rope swing and all is good in the world. We finish our afternoon with anticipation love and joy and I couldn't be happier for my friends.