The Getting Ready Moments

When you look back on your wedding in 10, 20, 30 years from now, what memories do you want to see in your photographs?

What feelings do you want captured?

What moments do you want to relive in years to come?

Many brides go into their wedding day knowing that they want their photographer to capture a full story about the day of their dreams, but might not take into consideration what sort of coverage and what style photography they are looking for to make this possible.

If this is you, maybe you are not even sure what questions to ask your photographer?

My mission when documenting a wedding is to tell a story using a photojournalistic, portrait, editorial, documentary and candid style approach. I feel that these elements of photography collectively communicate and tell the story you have worked so hard to create.

My favorite moments to capture on a wedding day?! The getting ready moments.

Watching the bride glow when she first sees herself in the mirror after stepping into her dress and watching the reactions of the closest women in her life right there alongside her are priceless. Or capturing the tears the groom lets free as he reads a love letter from his future wife...  

I feel these moments are some of the most heart felt moments on a wedding day (aside from the moments with the bride and groom alone of course).

So when you are choosing between the 6 hour package or 9 hour package with your photographer, consider what memories you want to take away with you. What moments do you want to be able to show your grandchildren and to relive in years to come?

I'm offering a complimentary phone call to discuss what style photography best suits you and your wedding day story!

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'About Your Big Day' Online Interview Series

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'About Your Big Day'

Photographing weddings has been an amazing journey so far. I often reflect on my own wedding I planned when Erik and I got married last year amidst the Redwood trees in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains.

Wedding planning, was a lot! So after planning my own wedding, and seeing other brides plan theirs made me think, how could I create a resource for "brides and grooms to be" to help alleviate some of the pains of the wedding planning process and help them step into the next chapter ahead with the right tools to have a lasting and strong marriage for years to come.

And that's when I created "About Your Big Day" Online Interview Series.

I've interviewed experts on all things wedding planning and stepping into the next chapter ahead. This is definitely a resource I wish I had when I was a bride planning my own wedding last year! 

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Grant Family Session

I hosted 3 days of mini sessions this holiday season! What I realized are a) Mini sessions are a lot of work to coordinate and plan b) despite that they are well worth it for everyone (photographer and client alike).

The advantage of doing a mini session, from a photographers perspective, is you choose one date and location, offer various time slots, and the clients sign up, make their deposit and come to you. Because there isn't as much back and forth and traveling involved and because the sessions are only 20 minutes it's a great way for photographers to handle their business (literally) all at once; but then of course there is the editing part which we will not talk about today - those photos don't magically morph themselves.

For families with young children, I realized that 20 minutes was the ideal amount of time. Everyone was still happy by the end - dad included! 

So yes, this was my first round of hosting mini sessions, and I loved it! I will definitely be offering more soon... stay tuned by clicking here!

The Grant Family was just one of the many families I photographed this season. They were adorable and their little man so so so happy, so of course I had to feature them on the blog. I hope you enjoy.