Fall in Love with Basic Invite // Beautiful Custom Wedding Invitations

With engagement season underway I know there are a lot of busy brides and grooms out there! Maybe you’ve just finished doing some beautiful engagement photos for your Fall Save the Dates and you’ve just booked your venue for this time next year. Now you need to get your invites out to your loved ones! Look no further than Basic Invite.

Basic Invite combines beautifully illustrated wedding invitations with free wedding website services so you can keep your wedding theme trendy and keep your guest list tracking organized and streamlined.

I love Basic Invite because they offer so many styles and trends that I have never seen with other invitation companies. We photographers love photographing your invitation suite placed nicely alongside all of your other wedding day details, and Basic Invite helps us execute this beautifully!

Basic invite is a full-service wedding invitation company that offers over 40 different colors of envelopes to choose from! I love that they are trendy and fun and have countless color options available to match any hue or color tone. So whether you are planning a spring, summer, winter or fall wedding, you can make sure your invites are in perfect alignment with your wedding day colors, style and theme!

And for anyone loving the current glowing golden and deep maroon colors of the season they have a beautiful new Fall Save the Date line, now available!

As a photographer I absolutely LOVE capturing fall weddings. There is something about the golden hues mixed with the warm burgundies, wood textures and jewel tones that are timeless and Basic Invite’s Fall line will align perfectly with the season.

Their free address collection and mailing service is also an awesome feature. In three simple steps your guests can click a link, enter in their postal information and you will receive an envelope with their address printed and ready to send out, for free!

Collecting your RSVP’s is easy for everyone. The wedding invite includes a tear off RSVP card in over 30 styles (including a foil option which is my all-time favorite). Guests addresses are printed on the back of each seal and send so there is no envelope necessary. Just add postage. Easy peasy.

They also offer free customizable wedding websites for sharing day of details with your guests. They offer over 900 options for consistently themed paper sets that include invites, save the dates, menu cards, wedding enclosure cards and even thank you cards!

Try Basic Invite out for free. They are one of the few Invite companies that allow customers to order a sample of their invitation to preview the quality of paper and print, before you make your final purchase!

You can find Basic Invite on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Check out Basic Invite, and get 15% OFF EVERYTHING until end of the month with CODE: 15FF51

Have fun and happy Fall y’all!



(Please Note: These Images were provided by Basic Invite and were not taken by Lacey Michelle Photography)

Fall. Cali. Baby.

California in the Fall. Everyone's excited to get their fall boots out and to dress in lots of layers as fashion suggests they do. The morning air is crisp yet refreshing and depending on what part of California you live in the sun tends to usually melt any sort of chill away by 11am.  

This particular morning, the California sun decided to do just that, gracing us with two seasons in one morning.  

Lucy's fall layers consisting of oranges, purples, mustard yellows and muted tones fit perfectly with our Fall inspired session. She was an absolute ham and my camera appreciated it immensely!

 About 30 minutes into our shoot I have a feeling Summer was feeling lonely because soon enough the morning fog had rolled away and the sun was beaming brightly on our little session. Luckily, the other outfit Lucy's mom had brought was a homemade tutu... and who doesn't love a chunky baby in a tutu!?

Our session of Fall-Mazingness continued and we got some adorable shots of Lucy and Mama Lisa.

My favorite thing about this shoot (besides that cute little turkey pictured below) was the combination of contrast, layers and the patterns. The bright purples contrasted so beautifully with the rolling golden hills in the distance. The layers Lucy wore in the beginning of the session and the chevron and other prints she rocked in her tutu added depth and vibrance to the overall image.

Our hour soon came to an end. But this happy Gerber Baby made my morning with her contagious smiles, her two finger pacifier and her tiny right cheek dimple.

Thank you California Fall for changing leaves, crisp air and warm sunshiney afternoons!