How has summer flown by so quick! School is already starting next week for these two little friends of mine and they will be going into kindergarten! 

I've known them since they were little babies and it has been amazing being so close to them and watching them grow these past few years. I've also got to photograph them which is an added bonus!

I've started to incorporate "play" into my photography with kids and I'm loving it!

I guess you can call it lifestyle but I think it' more like, "Hi, my name is Lacey and I will be your photographer and babysitter for the next hour!" (but I love kinds so no one is complaining).

Unexpected Memories in our Day to Day Commute

Adventures. Erik and I love them. When we can't go international we stick with "mini adventures", road trips being the most common as of late.

Well, this wasn't a mini adventure unfortunately, so I'm going to have to catch up with you on that part of my life another time. This was just a pit stop during our commute home. 

Driving from San Jose to Monterey, you do see a lot of beautiful views. This particular day, I sat in the car drooling over these rolling green hills and the mysterious foggy mist that surrounded them.  They were just too magical to realistically enjoy doing 70 MPH down a highway, so we stopped.

... And I brought my camera out to play.

I was joking with Erik that I loved his flip flop + fur hat combination - combined, they were all too perfectly the typical attire for most people suffering from "cold Fall weather" in California.

So this afternoon we paused to get out of traffic, stretch our legs a bit, document a beautiful moment in life... and of course get some kisses from our favorite fur baby...

Life is good.