Wedding planning overwhelm?

This time, about a year ago, I hit a wall. THE WEDDING PLANNING WALL!!!

I was at the tail end of planning my wedding, feeling chaos and overwhelm with my list of to do's.

I wasn't feeling creative, I wasn't feeling motivated and I wasn't feeling excited about the dream wedding I had been planning for months now. 

I was tired.

To be honest, I wanted to ditch all the panning, grab Erik (my now husband) and go elope on top of a mountain!

Then I thought of this...

I thought about my mom, who had been so helpful and wanted to witness our marriage and be a part of our day. My friends who were flying in from overseas to be there. Our plan of honoring Erik's mother who had passed away years prior. Erik's grandma, our only living grandparent, being able to witness our ceremony and take part in the celebration. My bridesmaids who would be by my side when I said I do. Celebrating with my brother and all the new siblings I would be getting that day. My first dance with my dad. Being able to celebrate with Erik and the rest of the people we loved the most...

There were so many reasons why I wanted this wedding, those listed above were most of them.

So if you're like me, and you are caught in the state of overwhelm with your wedding planning process I want you to do this...

List out all the reasons you want the wedding you are planning. Have your fiancé do it too.

Read your reasons to one another. Get on the same page.

Hold onto that vision and make sure your vendors family and bridal party is in alignment with that vision as well so everyone closest to you knows what matters most!

Be excited and breathe because it really will be the best day ever.