Why I recommend a "first look"

Your wedding day timeline, how's it going?

This is one thing I work very closely with my brides and grooms on. 

A well thought out wedding day timeline lets me and other vendors know exactly what needs to be happening when. It allows me to plan accordingly for a long list of family portraits and reminds me when key moments will be taking place! 

The biggest problem I have come across with timelines? After finalizing a timeline the one thing most brides want is... more time to enjoy their friends and family!

Many modern brides want to take part in the cocktail hour, after all it's their party right?! So I'm giving you some insight to a major time saving secret here and one way to get all your beautiful must have photos and still catch the tail end of your cocktail hour.

The solution is this... the first look!

If you haven't yet heard about the first look you'll want to. Sure it goes against traditional values where the groom doesn't see the bride until she walks down the isle, but here's what it does provide:

  • Makes for some adorable photos
  • Gives the bride and groom an intimate and quiet moment alone to see one another for the first time
  • The opportunity to spend a good amount of time with your loved one smiling, kissing, hugging and chatting (because you know on a busy day like your wedding day it's somewhat challenging to squeeze this in)
  • Gives your photographer an amazing opportunity to capture BEAUTIFUL memories of tenderness, excitement and "hearts bursting with love" moments!
  • Gives the bride and groom more flexibility with their timeline. Now you can handle all your bridal party, portrait and family photos before the ceremony and actually be a guest at your own cocktail hour!

So if you are open to something non traditional and you'd love to spend more time with those who are there to celebrate you I highly recommend you consider doing a first look.

All of my brides that have done so remember this as one of the most special moments on their big day. We have 100% no regrets to date!

But if the first look isn't for you there are always other tricks to working your timeline so you can enjoy your party. If you have questions, just ask!